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Non-destructive testing methods (NDT methods) are widely used in the areas of quality assurance and final control of especially safety relevant components. All NDT methods have in common that the product to be tested is neither destroyed nor limited in usage, thus a 100% test of the entire production is possible. The ultrasonic testing has an exceptional position next to the x-ray testing since it is a volumetric testing method and allows to even detect hidden defects and imperfections in the interior of the material. Surface methods are used as addition. The most common representants are: eddy current testing (ET), magnetic flux leakage testing, magnetic particle testing (MT), dye penetration testing (PT) and infrared thermography (IT).

The testing of safety relevant components is regulated by many rules. The following are an excerpt as example for metal pipes and steel pipes: API 5L ISO 3183, API 5CT ISO 11960 for OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), ISO 10893 for steel pipes, AMS rules for aerospace components, ASTM 273. The test personnel has to be certified according to ASTM-TC1A or ISO 9712, ISO 11484.