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Hardware & Software (RotaEcho)

The SliRoEcho testing electronics is a high-performance, universal ultrasonic electronic specially tailored to the particular requirements for the test with SliRo ultrasonic rotation lines due to the accompanying software. It is characterized by:

  • Modular design
  • Compact design (up to 26 test channels can be placed within one 19“-insertion of 3 HU)
  • Hot-plug ability
  • Usable dynamic range >75dB
  • Comprehensive interface for connection of  position sensors, marking, sorting, PLC signals
  • Virtual probe positioning (VPP)
  • Data base for settings
  • Data base for test results
  • Comprehensive setting support tools for the conversion with change of dimensions integrated in HMI
  • Simple integration into production data acquisition systems due to flexible interface
  • Ergonomically designed operating interfaces
  • User administration (groups according to UT-level 1-3) with adjustable access limitation
  • Comprehensive configuration possibilities for testing tasks