Additional Devices

Color marking
To mark the defects on the tube/bar, we offer color markings, starting from our own 1- to n-fold line markings by felt markers to high performance pipe imprinting equipment.

Eddy current
Eddy current testing is a non-destructive method for inspecting metallic surfaces for defects such as cracks or imperfections. Through high-frequency electromagnetic interactions, such surface defects can be detected and evaluated manually or automatically, depending on the requirements.

UT tests are often combined with eddy current tests.

Laser measurement
Known for precision, quality and ease of use, the laser measuring heads we select are among the best in their class. The technological basis of these measuring heads is the latest laser technology with laser diodes as light sources, combined with intelligent, powerful measured value processors, which enable simple and flexible integration.

Measuring heads can be used at all line speeds.